P Isaac Williams

No songs for this band.

God gave me a vision to cause people to walk in the fullness because He told me that a lot of believers (even the most powerful ones in the Lord) suffer from getting too comfortable in "their way" of doing things to a point we can become "one-dimensional" always rejecting something that God brings that is different which is mostly how a lot of people miss the new wave of The Spirit. If we say we can do all things, we must be open and sensitive to "all things" just in case the Lord makes a visitation in those areas....The Lord caused me to find "The Word Experience" causing believers and unbelievers to experience The Word, rather than just always hearing it. Everyone has greatness in them and if we can all use our talents for the glory of God, then believers and unbelievers will be totally free from this worldly system and be able to make a living doing the things they are passionate about and better yet, bringing new ideas and dimensions into the Kingdom of God to obliterate satan and his ways by coming at him from and infinite amount of different angles in triumphant fashion!!